Wednesday, March 10, 2010

informação (in)útil

  • Flash news #1. Normal-weight women who drink a light to moderate amount of alcohol appear to gain less weight and have a lower risk of becoming overweight and obese than non-drinkers, according to a report in the March 8 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.
Já tinha pensado em entregar-me à bebida, mas como sou muito esquisita e as bebidas são caras, pus esse pensamento de lado... it came back... Oh p'ra mim...ICK...tão....ICK...elegante!
  • Flash news #2Seeing the letter A before an exam can improve a student's exam result while exposure to the letter F may make a student more likely to fail.
Temos que encomendar um estudo com números... Era um 20 para mesa do canto, oh fáxa bôre.
  • Flash news #3Admission to a hospital when most of the beds are already full can be deadly for patients, according to a new University of Michigan Health System study showing high occupancy increases the risk of dying in the hospital by 5.6 percent.
Já sabem:  quando estiverem doentes, é bom que seja na época baixa...
  • Flash news #4Researchers from the University of Cádiz (UCA) have studied the connection between professional preferences and personality, based on interviews and questionnaires carried out on 735 secondary school students from the province of Cadiz. The results indicate that personality does not have an influence when choosing a professional career.
Também diz lá para o meio "
Two of every three students don't know what they want to do" ... aos 18 anos, sabemos lá alguma coisa?...

and at last, but not the least:
  • Flash news #5. Materials such as paper, paint, and biological tissue are opaque because the light that passes through them is scattered in complicated and seemingly random ways. A new experiment [...] has shown that it's possible to focus light through opaque materials and detect objects hidden behind them, provided you know enough about the material.
Acabou-se a privacidade!

Ain't science fun?! :D

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